Whoever inside the Timberwolves organization said that  Jimmy Butler wasn't going to be traded apparently didn't speak to the boss.

There are plenty of upper-level members of the Wolves' organization, sure. There's GM Scott Layden who's a big deal, and then there's the President of Basketball Operations/head coach Tom Thibodeau. 

Neither of those two are the guys who sign the checks, and neither will have the final say on whether or not their All-Star is traded, especially after his public demands. 

Owner Glen Taylor made it clear at the NBA's Board of Governors meeting that Butler is available. 

The whole "contact me if necessary" is a fun little middle finger to both Layden and Thibodeau. 

Thibs may not want to go into a rebuild, but guess what? He isn't in charge. Taylor doesn't want this process to weigh down Minnesota all season, nor should he. If Butler is forced to stay, they'll have to deal with the drama the entire season, and then he'll go to the Clippers for nothing.

Taylor is the one who has the final say and has made that clear to teams, telling them to contact him directly if they can't get anything done with his two employees. As if this Butler situation didn't make things look bad enough in Minnesota, that drama is spilling over into the front office.

No wonder why Butler wants to leave. This organization is a circus from top to bottom.