​Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson is back in the spotlight yet again, and it has nothing to do with basketball.

Just months after his ​much publicized cheating scandal as his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, was scheduled to give birth, Thompson is back in the tabloids. Thompson was seen entering a Hollywood nightclub with members of his entourage on Wednesday night, but by early Thursday morning, he was spotted leaving with two brunettes. 

The two women were told by an unidentified person to "wait right there," as they stood outside the nightclub, awaiting Thompson to leave the club. Once he left, Thompson entered an SUV, but the two women did enter another vehicle, following the members of his entourage.

​​Thompson appears to be entering hot water once again, albeit with some mystery surrounding this case

It was reported earlier in the week that ​Kardashian would be moving to Cleveland with their five-month-old daughter, True, in order to prevent Thompson from cheating on her again.

The event was described as a "boys night out," while Kardashian stayed at home to care for the couple's child. For Thompson, he should have realized the spotlight was on him once that cheating scandal a mere five months ago.

Now, he has to answer even more questions regarding what happened early Thursday morning.