The Philadelphia 76ers are in a prime position this upcoming season to make some noise in the east. The conference has become significantly weaker with the loss of LeBron James in Cleveland, opening the pathway for the Sixers. Full of talent and youth, Philly's toughest tasks will most likely be taking down the  Boston Celtics and possibly ​Kawhi and the Raptors

Joel Embiid, a notorious interviewee, was asked about what would make the team's season a success. Now, what would you answer with? 

It seems like a sarcastic and obvious response, but he is right on the money. Any person would say their season could only be a success with a trip to the NBA Finals. Probably not the strongest question to ask, especially for a team that is now built for the finals. 

Philadelphia recently hired Elton Brand as the new GM, teaming him up with a former colleague, head coach Brett Brown. Coach Brown was Brand's coach at one point in time, and now they will work side-by-side to bring Embiid and the Sixers what they have been waiting for.

A trip to the NBA Finals.