​The day has finally arrived! 

No, we're not talking about how the Browns finally ​won a game for the first time in nearly two years. ​Rather, Bill Belichick has finally acknowledged that Josh Gordon is actually a member of the New England Patriots! 

​​Now that those details are cleared up, it seems like the stage is set for Belichick to turn Gordon into Randy Moss 2.0 with the help of Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and offensive guru Josh McDaniels. 

Hearing Belichick talk about how quickly Gordon has picked things up in New England should terrify rivals in the AFC East. And the AFC in general. And the entire rest of the NFL. 

And the world, to be honest. 

Gordon is an athletic freak that boasted 1,646 receiving yards in 2013 with Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell as his quarterbacks. Belichick probably remembers him taking a slant 80 yards to the house against the Patriots that season.

​​Getting praise from a guy like Belichick at a public press engagement for all to see is a rare thing indeed. The fact that Gordon has already caught this man's eye within a few days should be a major red flag to the rest of the NFL.