​​Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell's ex-wife, Melisa Reidy, made headlines a year ago after accusing him of cheating on her. It was all a big enough mess that Major League Baseball attempted to investigate the matter. Melisa was reticent about cooperating, so the matter ended up dropped and Russell faced no professional consequences.

Now, Melisa is back. And what she's now alleging in a post on her personal blog is downright scary.

Melisa describes an absolutely toxic relationship and a home life dominated by fear. The abuse she alleges is both physical and emotional, with Russell blaming her relentlessly for his own outbursts and generally cross, negligent behavior.

As she writes:

"The first time I was physically mistreated by my spouse, I was in shock. I couldn’t wrap my head around what just happened…Why did he get so angry? What did I do for him to want to put his hands on me? Of course I forgave him & assumed it would never happen again. I just thought he had let his emotions get the best of him, he loves me and he’s sorry... I saw a darkness in him I’ve never seen or experienced in him or anyone else. Slowly but surely I realized the man I grew to love so much was becoming more and more of a stranger to me everyday that went by."

The denial. The self-blaming and self-shaming. The depression. The constant worry about her safety and that of her infant son. It all makes those cheating allegations sound quaint in comparison.

Indeed, what Melisa alleges her former husband to have done crosses every line. 

And now, the Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball are in a position in which they absolutely must act.