​For some odd reason, the Cowboys have a tendency to wind up with players that can't seem to abide by ​NFL drug policy rules (​Randy Gregory) or by the law (​Greg Hardy). 

And now, it appears that they can add another player to that list (which is now up to 18, ​the most in the NFL since 2014): wide receiver Terrance Williams. 

According to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, Williams is looking at a suspension of an unknown length stemming from a public intoxication charge back in May. The charge was dismissed after the Cowboys wide receiver completed a state-mandated alcohol awareness education course and paid for the damages his car did to a light pole near his Frisco home.

However, that didn't end the issue for the NFL. How it goes from here will depend on the distinction between misdemeanor intoxication and driving under the influence and whether or not the NFL will take action under its personal conduct policy. 

You can always count on drama when it comes to the Cowboys, either on or off-the-field.