The NBA was shocked when the news dropped that Jimmy Butler requested a trade out of Minnesota. That's what happens when one of the best two-way players in the league looks for a new home when the new season is about a month away. 

The second shock wave occurred with more Butler news, this time, the impact only struck Los Angeles. 

Butler's top target is to land in LA to play for the Clippers. 

A rivalry like this in LA would be insane. 

Butler's top landing spots were a surprise to many as none of them are even in the realm of possibly contending for a title next season, but his attraction to Los Angeles goes beyond this season. They have room to sign another star, and still live in Hollywood and are more than able to land a top free agent if they already have someone like Butler there. 

Let's not forget that there's another two-way superstar that is attracted to the idea of landing with the Clippers. 

Man, would scoring points against that team be difficult.  

Butler still doesn't really have any say in where he's dealt, but he's made it very clear that his preferred destination is with the Clippers.