​After a big division win over the Texans in Week 2, the ​Tennessee Titans will be traveling to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars in hopes of going 2-0 in the AFC South.

Whether starting quarterback ​Marcus Mariota will be active for that game or not remains a lingering questions for reporters and Titans fans across the country.  

​​This really couldn't be a more vague description of what Mariota is going through after suffering nerve damage in his elbow. 

I'm not sure how people can comprehend the injury when his extremities are being compared to a guitar. Yet, Mariota seems confident in his statement. 

Backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert filled in well in Mariota's absence on Sunday, but it's clear he isn't an ideal fit to leave in as he barely surpassed 100 yards passing. 

​​Nerve damage is a tricky game to play with and the only healing element can be time. For the Titans, running back Mariota wouldn't be a wise move even with a big game against the Jaguars coming on Sunday. 

Head coach Mike Vrabel and Mariota could've helped give fans a little more insight, rather than being this discrete about his injury.