​With the way Khalil Mack has been playing for the Chicago Bears, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has to be kicking himself for letting one of the best defensive players in the league go because he didn't want to pay him.

Gruden's latest statement today has ​Raiders and NFL fans wondering if he's simply just messing with us or if he's being serious. Either way, it's pretty sad. 

Gruden has nobody to blame but himself.

First of all, how do you not pay a guy like ​Mack the money he's worth when he performs each and every week, and then have the audacity to come out and say it's hard to find a great pass rusher?

Here's a tip, Jon, you get great players on your team when you pay them what they're worth. Otherwise, you're stuck with average talent. 

Gruden ought to stop answering these questions. Reporters continue to bait him into saying something stupid, yet Gruden always falls for their tricks. The obliviousness is striking.

Just stop.