​Show of hands if you had these teams on your Jimmy Buckets shortlist.

Yep, thought so.

As if ​Jimmy Butler's bombshell trade request from Minnesota wasn't spicy enough, we've seen a cascade of stories in the chaotic aftermath that have thrown us for a serious loop. Seriously, feast your eyes on this hot fire from ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski revealing the three teams Butler reportedly prefers as trade destinations

​​Wow. Really?? ​THOSE are the three? It's a brave new world in the NBA. ​Sure, the fact that these three teams all have salary cap space for a max contract and play in gigantic markets makes them viable destinations in so many ways. But it's hard to imagine Butler leading any of these teams to the promised land. Let's break it down.

  1. The Nets finally have draft picks again and are a team modestly on the rise. But there's no obvious hypothetical second option for the long term, as D'Angelo Russell is still awfully young and an unfortunate injury risk.
  2. The Clippers? Please. Unless Kawhi Leonard comes too, the team's ceiling is the No. 8 seed, as the West just keeps getting better.
  3. The Knicks are intriguing, as they figure to be major players in free agency in the coming years. But with rumors that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are their most-favored targets, are they going to blow a max contract on a guy like Butler, who won't move the needle in terms of excitement at a place like MSG? That would be a massive leap of faith.

A​ll told, this is a situation in which the more we know, the less we know. Jimmy Buckets is famously surly, and could change his mind on a dime as soon as the dust settles, to say nothing of emotions.

Get strapped in, NBA fans.