​The Seattle Seahawks are flying with rather limp wings this season, after suffering perhaps the largest offseason purge in the NFL. Head coach Pete Carroll isn't helping matters with the explanations of his coaching and roster decisions.

If you all thought ​the Chris Carson debacle on Monday was strange, fasten your seat belts, because this one is even more confusing.

Defensive tackle Tom Johnson was one of the Seahawks stronger acquisitions this offseason, and Carroll praised his work throughout the preseason, going as far as to name him the starter for Week 1 against the Denver Broncos.

That's where it would end, as the Seahawks would shockingly release Johnson in order to promote safety Shalom Luani from the practice squad for their game against the Chicago Bears. After the release became official, Seattle was hoping to re-sign Johnson to a new deal. Yet, Johnson's former team, the Minnesota Vikings, would snatch him from the grips of the Seahawks.

​​Carroll stressed the activation of Luani due to the numerous injuries in the defensive backfield. On Monday night, however, the safety didn't take the field for a single snap, making the release of Johnson that much more confusing.

For argument's sake, there were various other players the Seahawks could have released instead of their STARTING DEFENSIVE TACKLE.

And it only gets worse for Seattle, as they now owe Johnson his $950,000 base salary and $900,000 signing bonus...to play for another team. So to wrap it all up, they have to pay a player who's not on their team as a result of releasing him to promote a player that they didn't even play in Week 2.

Got it.

Pete Carroll made a high-risk gamble by releasing Johnson, and now he's paying the consequences.