​If you were a fan of the Chicago Bears, you were probably very disappointed during halftime of their ​Monday night game against the Seahawks.

ESPN decided that a halftime performance from a band called Cheat Codes was more important than Bears legend​ Brian Urlacher's "Ring of Excellence" ceremony, and many were unhappy to say the least. 


ESPN attempted to cover themselves by discussing the Urlacher ceremony when the broadcast had resumed, and even got him up in the booth to talk about the night.

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough for fans watching at home and even Jay Rothman, the producer of the Monday Night Football broadcast was aware that his team had made a mistake.​​

What we do know is that the halftime show was tied into a sponsorship with Hyundai and that the network had already agreed upon this date and time, but to not show any footage of the ceremony inbetween breaks was bizarre. 

ESPN is already dealing with a decline in viewers, and with mishaps like this, it is easy to see why.