Arguably the greatest basketball player of all time will join the Los Angeles Lakers to hopefully bring them back to the postseason. A Lakers franchise, known for their continued success with all-time greats, will take in another great. For some,  LeBron James is already the greatest Laker to ever play. To ​Shaq, however, he shouldn't even be considered when it comes to top LA legends. 

For all of the Laker greats, they were with the franchise for a majority of their careers and have a history with the team. In Shaq's argument, he says that because of his short career in LA, LeBron cannot be compared to the longtime greats. 

Plus, James hasn't even put on a game jersey, so who knows if he will even carry the same elite level that he's accustomed to.

Could he really not be considered an all-time Laker great? If he is arguably the greatest-of-all-time, how could he not even be considered the greatest Laker? 

His legacy with the Lakers will never be as historical as Kobe, Magic, Shaq or Kareem, but talent wise, he could be considered the greatest player to wear the purple and gold.

Greatest Laker or not, it seems like LeBron is pretty pleased with his transition from Cleveland to Los Angeles. 

Let's face it, he has it all here in L.A. Well, not everything. He needs a ring to have it all.