​Everyone though Le'Veon Bell was the biggest distraction for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but star wide receiver Antonio Brown is giving him a run for his money.

In less than two days' time, Brown has ​sent out a tweet that could suggest he wants to be traded, and then he ​didn't show up for a team meeting on Monday. What in the WORLD is going on, ​Mike Tomlin?

Well, Brown's agent Drew Rosenhaus came out today and did the best job he could to clear things up.

Okay, okay. Brown's tweet yesterday had nothing to do with him wanting to be traded. I believe that, but maybe it's best for Brown not to talk about trades or being traded next time around so we don't get confused.

Rosenhaus continued and addressed Brown not showing up for the meeting:

I'll take Brown at his word that it was a serious personal matter, but it's a coincidence this happens when people are calling him out, he's arguing with coaches on the sidelines, and the team is playing awful football, right?

But remember, all his shenanigans are about motivating and helping his team win games. 

​​I don't deny that some of this stuff is bogus and overblown, but don't give me the "he's all about winning" cliche. Nothing Brown has done off the field is helping the Steelers. He's a great player, don't get it twisted, but there's no doubt Brown is a diva and has some "it's all about me" in him.

This non-story that Rosenhaus is saying about Brown's conduct is self-inflicted.