Everyone thought the Le'Veon Bell holdout was the biggest story to come out for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And then, Tuesday happened, as reports surfaced that ​wide receiver Antonio Brown was absent for Monday's team meeting and film review.

Not good at all. 

Head coach Mike Tomlin walked to the podium to address the media on Tuesday, where he refused to state the reasoning for Brown's absence and whether it was excused or not. Tomlin went onto say that he will speak with the wide receiver on Tuesday.

​​Brown has been through a tumultuous past couple of days. From arguing with offensive coordinator Ken Ficthner on the sidelines on Sunday against the Chiefs, to responding to a former Steelers employee on Twitter who attributed his success to Ben Roethlisberger, Brown has made the headlines, but for the wrong reasons.

In regards to​ the "trade me let's find out" tweet, Tomlin stressed that the wide receiver did not request a trade from the team.

​​From the way Tomlin was speaking at the press conference, though, it's safe to assume that Brown's absence was not excused, which is exemplified by the fact that Tomlin expressed his desire to meet with Brown to talk with him about the situation. 

​​So, even with Tomlin's answers to the media, there are more questions than answers. We likely won't know more about it until Brown speaks publicly on the no-show himself.