​When it rains, it pours in Pittsburgh.

According to reports, Steelers star wide receiver Antonio Brown was a no-show for team meetings and film review on Monday morning, just hours before publicly floating the idea that the team should explore trading him.

​​With running back ​Le'Veon Bell holding out to protect his long-term value and with the team starting out on an 0-1-1 skid, the last thing the Steelers needed was Brown to be absent for meetings on Monday.

During Sunday's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Brown was shown ​getting into a heated argument with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner on the sidelines. On Monday, Brown also fired back to a former Steelers employee who asserted Ben Roethlisberger made him great, saying, ​"Trade me, let's find out."

It is unknown at the time (per the Post-Gazette) if his absence was excused by head coach Mike Tomlin, but it goes to show that times are tense in the Steel City, and we will have to wait and see what the reasoning was behind his no-show.

You just hope we don't all wake up one morning with Brown suddenly in a Patriots jersey, with a sixth-rounder heading back to Pittsburgh.