​At the moment, ​Le'Veon Bell is barely a football player, and that seems to be ​a-ok with the man himself. Bell's Monday went a lot better than they typically do after a loss. Surely, he's used to being reamed out by Big Ben and fending off Mike Tomlin's steely glare by now. This time, he was miles away from all of that noise, simply begging to be paid while riding a jet ski.

​​The party didn't stop there, though. Lev was also on a yacht for a significant portion of Monday. 

Or, as he calls it, "studying the New York Giants' offense".

​​In case you were wondering if the bell-cow back was antsy about his potential return date yet, it certainly doesn't look like it.

Imagine still owning Bell in your fantasy league? Sorry, but his entire life appears to be a fantasy right now. Can't put miles on your prized legs if you're putting in offshore miles on the jet ski instead.