​Yes, Chris Carson is listed as the Seahawks' starting running back. Yes, Chris Carson played Sunday night against the Bears, but if you blinked you may have missed it. 

According to coach Pete Carroll, Carson stopped running after six carries because he was, well, tired.

Six carries? A starting running back with six carries because he's "gassed"? Six carries for 24 yards, too. So it wasn't like Carson was playing badly or was ineffective. Also, Carson only had seven carries against the Broncos in his Week 1 start.

Something is up and Carroll is the last person you can trust from face value. He often likes to downplay things and place focus on the positives (​though there weren't many after last night). 

Carson has a history of being injured. He spent most of last season with ​Seattle on IR thanks to a broken ankle. Maybe there's something more at play here because logging six carries in addition to getting a couple reps on special teams should not be enough to keep you on the sidelines for a majority of the game from a stamina standpoint.

What's going on here?