Talk about highway robbery. ​

The Cleveland Browns just traded superstar, but troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon to the New England Patriots, and got virtually nothing in return. 

Just when you thought the Browns' front office was making better decisions, this happens. 

​​Curious who the Browns have taken in the last three years in the fifth round? I'll tell you. 

They took linebacker Genard Avery this year, offensive tackle Roderick Johnson last year, and defensive back Trey Caldwell, offensive guard Spencer Drango, and wide receivers Rashard Higgins and Jordan Payton in 2016. Take out Higgins and Drango, who have played in all but three total games since being drafted, the remaining four have combined for 5 games and 0 starts. Four of them, including Drango, are no longer on the team.

The Browns just haven't drafted many winners with a fifth-round pick, and I know most fans would rather have ​Gordon than any of the players mentioned above.

Now, Tom Brady gets a stud wide receiver and we all know what happens in that scenario.  

If he doesn't work out, they get a pick back, which should not be much later than the one they gave up.

Now that Gordon is with the Pats, the ​NFL as a whole should be afraid. Very afraid.