​As the NFL season picks up, coaches are making it clear to kickers that there is absolutely no room for error.

The ​Vikings ended up tied with the ​Green Bay Packers on Sunday, but they really should have come out on top. Kicker Daniel Carlson had two chances in overtime to put Minnesota ahead, but misfired on both field goal attempts. It was only his second career game. Today, the Vikings waived Carlson.

​​It shows that the NFL really is a tough business, as one or two mistakes even as a newcomer can mean being cut from a team immediately. Head coach Mike Zimmer showed no remorse for his decision.

​​Zimmer was brutally honest when asked about the move.

​​The Vikings may have been quick in their decision, but with the team looking to contend for a Super Bowl title, there really is little tolerance for incompetence. Zimmer may have been harsh, but it's understandable when it's the truth. Carlson didn't just look bad; he cost the team a win in the final minutes.

With Carlson gone, the Vikings will look to add Dan Bailey, who was released by the Cowboys during the beginning of the month. Let's hope Carlson gets another chance though, as his career was barely beginning before the disastrous performance.