​Could things get any worse in Pittsburgh? Apparently.

The Steelers sit at 0-1-1, somehow more annoying than a clean, crisp 0-2 mark, and their star running back Le'Veon Bell is nowhere to be found.

Add Antonio Brown to the list of disgruntled Steelers. The best pound-for-pound wideout in the league threw a ​sideline tantrum that visibly upset Ben Roethlisberger late Sunday. And on Monday, Brown was still a little irked, resulting in this tweet.


Ryan Scarpino is a former member of the Steelers PR team (2010-2017), which should be noted.

First, this will never, ever happen. Quote me on that. But the fact that ​the Steelers prized offensive possession feels this isolated is a terrible sign for the state of a franchise that is desperately clinging to their championship window. So far this season, the offense is the only side of the ball that's shown up.

Everything is not fine.

Brown would command a King's ransom on the trade market, especially because of his team-friendly contract (in comparison to OBJ and Julio Jones). If only we knew a team that needed a wideout...perhaps a recent Super Bowl champion?

The Steelers are unlikely to ever consider such a proposition, but at the very least this looks like a closed-door team meeting waiting to happen.