​The Dallas Cowboys, who are truly quite bad at the game of football, are proving to be much, much better than ​Eli Manning and the ​New York Giants thus far on Sunday night. It's 10-0 Cowboys, and though that may not sound like much, the Giants have truly been anemic on offense, failing to gain more than 13 yards on a single play from scrimmage. And Eli Manning's been on his back routinely, with numerous Rod Marinelli system sacks taking him down with reckless abandon. Luckily, that means we've gotten plenty of chances to check out our pride and joy: the Manning Face. Here's its best appearance of the evening.

​​Mmm, that's good Manning Face. He even got chirped by Collinsworth!

We don't expect this to be the last time we see it unveiled this evening.

But, just in case, might as well take a look at some blasts from the past.

​​Waiting for that second half to get underway with eager anticipation!