​Everyone's ​favorite punter Marquette King was unceremoniously cut from the Oakland Raiders this offseason, but he's making out just fine as a member of the undefeated Denver Broncos, thanks very much for asking. In fact, King's new boys in Denver came back to beat Gruden's undisciplined and weak Raiders on Sunday, and the ​punter/comedian was more than ready. He dropped THIS "Part 1" video just about an hour after the final whistle.

​​Imagine shooting and editing this with Marquette? Dream job. Not every punter in this league has a professionally-shot video all ready to go the very second he defeats his nemesis. The Chucky doll covered in money really didn't leave much to the imagination here. It was immediately clear whom King was shading.

Thank goodness these two are going to face off once again this season in the Black Hole. Perhaps the best AFC West rivalry is King against the demented doll that once tried to prematurely end his career?