​Vontae Davis, welcome to the retirement club. You didn't join it exacrly how we expected, but gee, you sure managed to make the first Bills-related headlines of the season that didn't involve never scoring.

Davis wandered away from the Chargers game at halftime after strongly disliking what he saw (and participated in), but did his best to clear things up in the aftermath.

​​"Reality hit me fast and hard: I shouldn't be out there anymore" is one of the funnier lines we could've imagined here.

It's true. The reality must have hit, at some point Sunday, that Davis was a Buffalo Bill. In fact, that's clearly not a picture of Davis on his current team. Must've preferred those Colts days.

Regardless, we'll miss you, Vontae Davis. You made a far bigger impact in retiring than you ever did participating in the action, though.