​Congrats, Bills fans! You stuck it out with Sunday's game longer than one of the actual players did.

We heard a rumor that ​CB Vontae Davis was so stricken by the ​on-field garbage that he chose to depart the stadium rather than finish out the contest, and--much to our enjoyment--his teammates backed up the assertion in the postgame.

Here's LB Lorenzo Alexander making our dreams come true.

​​That just about wraps up Chris Mortensen's joyful report as reality.

​​How exactly the league will handle this, we've yet to see.

But what can you do? If Davis wants to leave the NFL and never come back, what can league officials do to stop him? Entice him back with snacks? Give him a roster spot on a better team?

Thanks for the laughs, Vontae. You'll be missed.