​To psych up ​Minnesota Vikings fans for today's matchup against the Green Bay Packers (although, the two teams being rivals should be enough to gets fans on both sides excited), the Vikings posted a hilarious rendition of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood starring Green Bay quarterback ​Aaron Rodgers.

​​You have to respect the Vikings' troll game here. To spend time making a clay animation to insult the opposition is true petty work by Minnesota. 

Video aside, the Vikings should have the edge on the Packers coming into the game, as Rodgers is still recovering from a knee injury he sustained during the Packers' Week 1 win against the Chicago Bears. Of course, Rodgers was still able to dominate the Bears while being hurt, but the Vikings have a much better defense with much harder hitters (with the exception of the Bears' Khalil Mack, who is a monster).


Rodgers' knee will play an important factor in Week 2's heavyweight fight between the Vikings and Bears.