Let's be honest, anybody who plays with LeBron James is not going to be the first option.

As next year's NBA free agency approaches, rumors will continue to spread about Kawhi Leonard joining the Los Angeles Lakers, but right now it's not looking good for Los Angeles.

The reality is, we're never going to know what's true until something happens due to the ridiculous amount of conflicting reports surrounding star players. However, it does make sense that Leonard may want his own team. The Los Angeles Clippers and ​Toronto Raptors can offer him that opportunity. 

Take the Kyrie Irving situation for example. Some players have a goal of being "the guy" for a franchise, or at least being one of the bigger stars on a team that works to incorporate every players' talents as much as possible.

In my opinion, it seems like Leonard isn't even the Lakers' best option. Klay Thompson would really complement LeBron's game. Not to mention, Thompson would become the number two option, which is actually an upgrade from where he is at now on the Golden State Warriors. 

The ​NBA is full of twists and turns, so don't expect the Leonard rumors to end here. But if Leonard really has no interest in donning purple and gold, maybe it's what's best for both parties.