​We love you, Marcus Peters. ​Even if the Chiefs don't. In Peters' Rams debut on Monday Night Football in Oakland, the Bay Area kid marked his homecoming with a pick-6 and paid homage to Marshawn Lynch with an incredible touchdown celebration.

​​Peters' personality is tailor-made for the bright lights, even if the NFL has a bad habit of cancelling out boisterous nature of some of the best athletes in the game. Peters on the hot mic, however, was not to be denied.

Shoutout to whichever producer had to edit out all the NSFW. This was certainly not an easy task.

The ultimate highlight was definitely Peters' touchdown to seal the game by picking off Derek Carr and taking it to the house. The aftermath, in which Peters was swarmed by teammates and celebrated like the All-Pro that he surely is, ought to be what football is all about.

As much as ​Peters' wallet hurts in this case, the upcoming poster deals ought to make it well money spent.