What's worse than getting caught on camera trying to trip a defender who just beat you? How about having to pay over $10,000 for it. 

That's exactly what happened this afternoon as the league office came down hard on Giants tackle Ereck Flowers.

New York's 2015 first-round pick had to empty his pockets today and dole out a hefty amount after his attempt to "block" Jags defensive end Calais Campbell.

Do I think Flowers should have paid this much in fines? Probably not, but the point remains that as an NFL player, this should not be a move in your arsenal.

If you pay attention to Flowers' hands, he doesn't even come close to blocking Campbell. This video has gone viral for the last few days and for good reason. You simply can't trip players no matter how badly he made you look.

Since he's been drafted, Flowers has played extremely poor and many Giants fans have ​expressed their displeasure as to why he's still playing. Signing free agent tackle Nate Soldier over from New England was the right move this offseason, as Flowers was incapable of protecting Eli's blind side. 

The question now is if Flowers can even play on the line at all.