The controversial shooting of Botham Jean seems to just get worse by the minute. The unarmed 26-year-old African American businessman was fatally shot by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger after she entered Jean's apartment thinking it was her own. 

The police then got a warrant to search the victim's apartment and found marijuana inside, trying desperately to somehow rationalize what happened. 

Guyger has since been charged with manslaughter and a quick search of her social media reveals some rather offensive posts. One of the more recent ones is a meme of Colin Kaepernick, claiming that the NFL died of "Colin Cancer". 

This is obviously in reference to the NFL's ​diminished ratings lately. Guyger trying to pin the blame for this on Kaepernick, who's ​more popular now than ever, is a terrible look. 

That post may look bad, but the others on her account certainly eclipse it. 

Guyger, who was very quick to use her gun in a situation that most definitely did not call for it, often jokes flippantly online about murder and having a quick trigger finger.

As Guyger awaits trial, it remains to be seen whether or not there will be justice for Botham Jean. 

There is some irony in the fact that the officer posted an offensive Kaepernick meme online, considering horrible actions like hers are the exact thing the former quarterback is fighting.