The Baltimore Ravens lost their TNF matchup against the Bengals and somehow the attention is still on a man who has never played for the franchise. That's the beauty of Skip Bayless. 

Rather than focusing on the problems that the Ravens had, like keeping AJ Green out of the end zone, Bayless turned his sights to Dez Bryant, who reportedly turned down a multi-year deal from Baltimore this offseason. 

As Bayless acknowledged, Bryant has nothing better to do currently than scour the Twitter universe and had some time to fire back at Bayless.

Surprisingly, he didn't stoop to his level or explode like he has in the past. It's finally gotten to the point where Bryant isn't even bothering with the awful analyst. 

Bryant not only controlled himself, but he used the right Twitter account this time! Double the points for you, Dez.

Bayless couldn't be more wrong, as the Ravens didn't have a wide receiver issue against the Bengals. They had a problem stopping the defensive line and cooling down Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati passing offense. Last time I checked, Bryant doesn't play safety or guard. 

The biggest surprise of the night was Bryant taking it easy on Bayless instead of ​destroying him like last time. 

​​It seems like he was much calmer while watching football from that 'big beautiful ass' couch this week.