The Seattle Seahawks have done a superb job botching personnel decisions. They've dismantled their star-studded defense by getting rid of numerous contributors, including All-Pro Richard Sherman, and have burnt every bridge possible with Earl Thomas. 

This could be considered poor by pretty much any standard.

Seattle finds themselves on the one-yard line once again waiting to punch it in with the mother load of all bad decisions, and have finally succeeded this time with its recent move. 

Signing linebacker Mychal Kendricks despite the fact that he pled guilty to insider trading is a terrible look for this franchise.

Just when you thought this team couldn't make another bad move, they raised the bar. 

This team has parter ways with stars like Sherman and Michael Bennett. They've refused to pay Thomas despite his desire for a long-term deal with the team. They've disrespected those who helped bring home a Super Bowl, yet have no problem bringing in someone who has openly admitted he's a criminal. 

This isn't like a "wait and see" kind of situation about Kendricks. He's guilty and  could face up to 25 years in prison. What about that line makes this franchise think signing him is a good move by any means?

Kendricks doesn't belong in the league while this is sorted out. Instead of letting the NFL investigate to fully asses the situation and the punishment for the Super Bowl champ, the Seahawks are just looking to get into the win column. 

It's been a struggle to figure out what this team has been thinking, but this move goes to prove they're not thinking at all.