​After Nike named ​Colin Kaepernick as the head of their "Just Do It" campaign, there was plenty controversy regarding the move.  

Many thought that Nike's stock would plummet considering Kaepernick had alienated a large percentage of the country with his protests during the National Anthem. 

However, Nike's stock reached an all-time high yesterday at $83.47 and LeBron was pretty excited. He also had a not-so subtle message for the haters. 

​LeBron has been known to be more than just an athlete.  

He has recently opened up a school in Akron, Ohio for underprivileged kids and has always spoken out on social issues.  LeBron has backed Kaep in his fight for social justice and due to LeBron's relationship with Nike, this was a huge moment for Mr. James.  

LeBron has been the best basketball player in the world for quite some time now and has had a relationship with Nike for the majority of his career.  

When people thought his sponsor made the wrong move, he stood by their side and is getting the last laugh.