The Boston Celtics need to move on from Jabari Bird. Period.

A report was handed down Thursday that Bird is stepping away from the team for "legal and medical issues" in the wake of the criminal charges against him for domestic violence. The Celtics released the following statement on the occasion;

The ​NBA League Office has the final say on what will ultimately be decided in situations like these, but regardless, the Celtics should cut ties with Bird and go on their merry way. Not for nothing, but why would any organization want to have ​someone like that on their team?

It would set an example that the Celtics do not tolerate -- as no team should -- domestic violence. It's actually quite interesting that he hasn't been released already. I'm sure the rest of the team wants nothing to do with Bird. 

It's a safe bet that the Celtics will part ways with Bird in the near future. But they shouldn't waste a single moment deliberating. It's time to act.