Jalen Ramsey loves football so much that it apparently doesn't matter who he lines up against. If you're lined up against him, you'd better be ready to face the consequences. That includes you, grandma!

​​Ramsey jokes that he would hit his grandma if he was playing against her. Considering how hard the guy hits, we certainly hope we never see that. 

According to Ramsey, it's all about respecting the game of football. The star cornerback certainly does that each time he plays. 

​​Of course, Ramsey is no stranger to a little ​trash talkThe CB certainly has ​a lot to say about the players he faces. We can only imagine what he might say to his grandma on the football field. 

The Jaguars finished the first week of the NFL season with a 20-15 win over the New York Giants. This weekend, they will take on the Patriots team that defeated them in the AFC Championship Game last season. 

You can bet Ramsey and company will be looking for revenge.