​Alex Cora, in his first year as manager of the Boston ​Red Sox, has led them to an insane 100-46 record so far this season, resulting in them being the first team to punch their ticket for October.

Alex Cora is also ​Puerto Rican, and he had something to say to President Donald Trump after he claimed the death tolls being reported from Hurricane Maria were false.

Cora was referencing Trump's tweets about the aftermath of the hurricane where he did indeed politicize it. First, he flat out said that the numbers were false.

He continued, putting the blame on the Democrats.

Policies aside, you just can't go out there and say that the number of reported deaths due to a natural disaster is incorrect in an attempt to make yourself look better. It's insensitive to anyone who lost someone in the natural disaster, and just flat out disrespectful like ​Cora said, simply because human lives were at stake and still are.

Being Puerto Rican, Trump's comments hit closer to home for him than most, and he had every right to speak out against the president.