The Chicago Cubs have had ​multiple games this week postponed due to weather. Their game that was postponed on Sept. 7 was made up the following day, but the Sept. 9 game was reschedule to today, Sept. 13.

Well, Cubs manager Joe Maddon has an issue with that.

​​Boo freaking hoo.

Weather happens, deal with it. If you have a problem go complain to mother nature herself, because unless you know someone that has the ability to control the weather, there's nothing you can do about it. 

The ​Cubs and Nationals don't meet again this season, so there's no opportunity for them to play another double header. They also do not share any other same remaining off days, so this is the last chance they have to make it up.

They could wait until the end of the season and make it up on Oct. 1, however with the ​Wild Card round starting the next day, it's not a very good option. The ​Cubs are in a intense division battle with the Brewers and could very well end up in the play-in game. I suspect that he would rather have an off day before a do-or-die game than before a game against the 57-89 Chicago White Sox.

There's nothing that can be done about this, so just man up and stop complaining.