Nike's new "Just Do It" campaign ​featuring ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has everybody talking, and that's putting it lightly. Many are praising the athletic-wear company for choosing Kaepernick's likeness to support their product. Then there are others who hate the decision, due in part to his kneeling during the national anthem as a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

Well, those critics of Nike might want to look away from their screen.

On Wednesday, Nike's stock closed ​at $83 per share, which is the highest in the company's history.

​​Well, there goes the main argument critics have used in recent weeks. Many of them were vocal on social media, claiming they will boycott the company and burn all of their merchandise as a form of protest.

This comes after President Donald Trump sent out his daily "State of Football" tweet, claiming that Nike was​ "getting killed with anger and boycotts." Well, the stocks prove otherwise, as Nike has actually been making more of a profit ever since naming Kaepernick as their spokesperson.

Regardless of your position on the the campaign, the numbers show that it's partnership with Kaepernick is helping Nike's business...not hurting it.