​​David Wright will not go silently into the night, even if the penny-pinching Mets likely tried to convince him otherwise.

According to sources ​close to Wright, when the sides convene to announce their mutually-agreed-upon plans on Thursday, the Mets captain will reveal a detailed plan for his comeback and recovery effort.

​​You'd have to think, with so little season left, this plan should likely include a return to the diamond in the coming weeks. Otherwise, why announce something vague now about returning next year? If this "precise" announcement is simply, "I'm going to try my hardest and make it back for Opening Day 2019, this I promise you," then how is it any different than what we've heard before?

In order to satisfy those looking for information and an explanation, the Flushing Faithful should hope Wright intends to come back before the calendar flips. Otherwise, this could just be more hopeful noise.