Hurricane Florence, now a category three storm, continues to churn its way toward the East Coast and is predicted to hit the Carolinas by Thursday evening with a potential to impact over 10 million residents in the area. 

East Carolina University obviously got that memo. We're still not sure what weather channel Virginia Tech is watching.

East Carolina put out a statement on Tuesday that they wouldn't be traveling to Virginia Tech for  Saturday's game, as most students have evacuated their residence halls on campus and they are more worried about the safety of its players than the game. 

Virginia Tech, however, wanted to wait a day before making the imminent call and was frustrated when Eastern Carolina jumped the gun, which, of course, prompted a little subtweeting on twitter.

While Virginia Tech may be waterproof, they are certainly not hurricane-proof. This was clearly a pre-written tweet timed to be released at 3:00 p.m., but the timing of it seems like a clear attack on East Carolina and their "fear" of playing Virginia Tech through a deadly hurricane. 

The tweet was quickly deleted, and Virginia Tech associate athletic director  Pete Morris later apologized for the message.

Whether the message was intentional or not, Virginia Tech didn't come out of the situation looking like the "good guy". East Carolina later stated that they hope to reschedule the game. All in all, a bad look for VT.