​Though he's always been a solid rotation arm, Brandon McCarthy has had a better career off the mound in peoples' mentions on Twitter than he has as a pitcher. 

Once again, no disrespect. McCarthy's just that funny. The pinned tweet to his account from six years ago, following a terrifying line drive and emergency surgery that almost ended his career prematurely, pretty much says it all about McCarthy's sense of humor. 

It takes dedication to become the kind of must-follow that McCarthy is on Twitter, and he's got plenty of time on his hands now to continue to execute these little wonders.

Even though his fame has eclipsed his modest accomplishments on the mound, it still came as a moderate surprise when the 35-year-old pitcher announced that ​he would retire at the end of the season. That is, of course, until you take a look at his career statistics. 

​​McCarthy was in the middle of rehabbing a knee injury when his retirement announcement dropped, but by now, it makes total sense. Someone let one of the funniest pitchers in baseball know that he had 69 wins and a 4.20 ERA and McCarthy realized he couldn't risk screwing those landmark numbers up. 

If the Braves want McCarthy to pitch in the postseason, his services may be available, but there is no way he sets foot on a mound in the regular season again. Can't mess with