​It seems that Drew Brees is an incredibly kind person.

The New Orleans Saints quarterback said something very interesting today regarding Baker Mayfield. Browns fans are going to love this. 

This comment is very generous coming from the NFL Super Bowl champion. Mayfield hasn't even played in a regular season game yet, but according to Brees, he has all of the tools to be better than the 11-time Pro Bowler himself.

I personally need to see Mayfield play a couple of games before I can question whether or not he has the makings to be a good ​NFL quarterback.

Even then it will be hard to believe he can top what Brees has accomplished. That's not to say Mayfield won't be a great quarterback, but I'll believe it when I see it. 

One thing is for sure, Mayfield is mighty competitive and that's not a bad thing unless it translates to ​ridiculous antics.

Will Mayfield live up to Brees' expectations?