As we get closer and closer to the postseason, the Yankees are looking to rebuild their confidence. That surely continues tonight against the Minnesota Twins in the series finale.

Take a look at what the Yankees have planned for the night: 

​​Despite an ​insane grand slam hit from Didi Gregorius against the Twins last night, the Yankees ended up losing 10-5. They'll look to secure a win tonight to finish the series in their favor. 

For tonight's lineup, fans will notice veteran outfielder Brett Gardner is out for the second-straight game. Is this something we'll continue to see moving forward?

Gardner has indeed struggled, posting a .239 average, with 12 homers and 41 RBI. Yup, that's not good. 

In a change from last night, Gary Sanchez returns at catcher. He replaces Austin Romine, who got the nod on Tuesday. 

​​​Chance Adams was also recently recalled for tonight's game, so we'll be seeing if the Yanks have any plans for him as he joins the team in Minnesota. 

Will the Yanks get the W tonight? We're about to find out.