If it's really true, and both parties have mutually agreed upon the course of action, then it really seems like the Mets may have caved and agreed to forfeit their precious insurance money?

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, the ​Mets and David Wright will announce the culmination of their plotting and negotiating as soon as tomorrow. If they're on the same page, that means we can officially set hopes way too high for an emotionally-stirring ​Wright comeback.

​​Wright hasn't participated in big league ball since a 37-game, highly-impaired stint in 2016; he also hit just .171 across two levels of minor-league baseball this season.

This would be a perfect opportunity for New York to save at least a little bit of face as 2018 expires, especially after they declined to promote Peter Alonso for a few weeks, bringing a modicum of energy to Citi Field. Instead, fans will have to cling to a potential diminished Wright return.