During the preseason, Jacksonville Jaguars All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey sat down for a GQ interview and spared no quarterback as he went on an absolute tirade about who he thought was good and who he thought was trash. 

He dragged guys like Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco and Josh Allen through the mud, calling them trash and overrated, but the one quarterback he did spare was ​Tom Brady, who in turn has used the comments as motivation.

At age 41, Brady has shown no signs of "sucking" or slowing down, and it's clear that Ramsey took note of that in his own special way. The fact that TB12 is still going so strong is a scary fact of life for NFL defenses.

Ramsey's comments are another item in a long list of material Brady calls upon to get him through a grueling campaign.

Nope, ​doesn't look like he sucks to me.

I really don't understand why players, teams and analysts keep putting Brady's name in their mouth, all the guy does is come back and kick you in the teeth for it.