​You'd think a head coach in the National Football League would watch the Super Bowl. You know, given that it's the biggest game in any given NFL season. 

Well, apparently not. At least not for the Jaguars' head coach, Doug Marrone

​​Okay, so he doesn't watch the Super Bowl. Plenty of people watch it, but then again, plenty of people don't. But, Marrone has been coaching since 2006. 

You're telling me a man who has coached football for over 10 years hasn't watched any Super Bowls in that time? Talk about a weird tradition. 

​​Luckily for Marrone, his lack of watching Super Bowls doesn't seem to be having a negative effect on the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they won their first game of the season ​against the Giants last weekend. They're looking to push for a trip to the SB this winter. 

The Jaguars will take on the New England Patriots this upcoming weekend, who beat them in the AFC Championship Game last season. You can bet the Jaguars are looking for revenge.