​Hurricane season loves to come and mess with our college football, but it seems some teams might not care too much about a little ​stormy weather. Teams like Virginia Tech. 


While ECU ​​did inform Virginia Tech they would not travel for their slated game, Virginia Tech wasn't too pleased with their decision. It would seem that the Virginia Tech organizers found the cancellation of the game to be a bit premature.

In fact, they even took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter, referencing a 2016 game that they played in the middle of Hurricane Matthew. 

​​We're pretty used to the ​expert trolling by Virginia Tech by now, but seriously guys? You want to potentially play in a hurricane? Well, you really have to admire the spirit shown by the Hokies here. 

I can only assume they love college football just as much as we do, hurricanes or not. This tweet, however, was very much in poor taste, which speaks to Virginia Tech's decision to delete it.