​If you're a Detroit Lions fan, Week 1 could not have gone any worse for you, considering the team got absolutely embarrassed on Monday Night Football against rookie quarterback Sam Darnold and the New York Jets. 

Apparently, however, fans weren't the only ones that were frustrated, as it has been reported that several Lions players are not happy with ​Matt Patricia, his coaching style and the culture he has tried to set since he got the coaching gig a few months ago. 

That's reassuring to the thousands of ​fans who paid a lot of money to see their team quit on their head coach.

With Patricia trying to be like Bill Belichick by adding a bunch of rules and going extremely hard on the players at training camp, it has been reported by NFL Network's Mike Garafolo that the team didn't take it well and they are not happy with the former Patriots defensive coordinator.

"Matt Patricia went really hard on these guys in camp. There was a lot of contact there. There's a lot of harsh criticism, from what I'm told," Garafolo said. "There's not a lot of, 'Hey, good job!' 'There's a lot of, 'Hey, bad job, bleep, bleep, bleep.'"

This is the reaction of a guy who wants to be Bill Belichick, acts like Bill Belichick but doesn't get Bill Belichick results.

Patricia better turn it around quickly or he could lose that locker room quicker than former New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo did, which would be astonishing considering nobody thought it could get any worse than McAdoo.