Shaquille O'Neal thinks that his former teammate and five-time champ Kobe Bryant can still give opposing defenders the business. 

Of course, for anyone who was in attendance for Kobe's 60-point farewell finale back in 2016 like O'Neal was, the idea may not be so far-fetched.

Shaq said that Kobe coming out of retirement would be the biggest announcement in all of sports, and that might be true. A 40-year-old Kobe Bryant returning to the Los Angeles to team up with LeBron James to help bring the Lakers back to the promised land would be a very compelling story. And probably even more compelling than Michael Jordan coming out of retirement for a second time in 2001 at age 38 to average 23 points per game on a middling Washington Wizards team. 

Kobe's return to a contender, especially in Hollywood, would be on a whole different level.

However much we may like the Mamba to come back, both Kobe and his wife Vanessa have acknowledged the rumors of a return, stating that there's no way Kobe is coming back. For now, it seems Kobe is happy simply training the NBA's stars of the future. 

Maybe we should put our money on Shaq returning to the purple and gold instead. Who's their starting center again? JaVale McGee? Shaq's got this