​On the 17th anniversary of the tragic events that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, it's important that we remember moments that helped lift up American spirits in the wake of those most trying of times. Our sports are meant to help affected communities come together and heal as one. And when then-president George W. Bush took the mound during the 2001 World Series before the first game at Yankee Stadium for a ceremonial first pitch, it was a moment that sports fans won't ever forget.

​​After a moment like this, whether the ​Diamondbacks or the ​Yankees would win that series was not the most pressing issue on American minds. Instead, we were handed a moment of pure energy, a thrill that defied all political divisions.

For Bush to throw an effortless perfect strike -- from the rubber, no less -- is truly an all-time moment. It was mesmerizing for a fan to witness a 55-year-old man rope it in there like he did as the country and the world looked on.

It gave many the sense that maybe, just maybe, we were all going to be alright.

Bush was wearing a bulletproof vest for the occasion, too. That didn't hurt his range of motion one bit.

Even with the nerves running through his fingertips, the 43rd president still nailed it, and gave Americans hope again through the beauty of our great sporting tradition.